by aleksandr pastukhov
Wedding Questionnaire
Fill in all gap, please. There mustn't be secrets between us ;)
Wedding date
Groom full name
Bride full name
Phone number (groom)
Phone number (bride)
Active e-mail
Insurance for emergency
Date of birth (groom)
Date of birth (bride)
Wedding dinner venue
Country, city, location
Social media link (Instagram/Fb)
Occupation/Job (groom and bride)
First encounter of the couple (time/place)
If it is a secret, say NO
First kiss (time/place)
If it is a secret, say NO or do not remember
Who said I love you first?
The groom or the bride
Wedding proposal (when and where)
Try to remember the exact time and place
Tell more bout your first meeting and/or date (optional)
When was it? How was it? Where was it? How did it end up?
Describe the wedding proposal in detail (optional)
Your story could be amusing, romantic, terrific, or even horrible! :D
Choose your traditions
Write down your traditions and/or questions:
Preferable song for first dance:
Preferable song for dancing with dad:
Music suggestions:
Anything you would love to listen to
Special songs you would love to listen to:
Something connected to a special memoir with your partner
Music you hate:
Are you in love?
Be honest!
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